New Brand: Brand New – The Official Bovada Sportsbook Review

bovada is a new online sportsbook

I’ve had a few days to give the “new” sportsbook a thorough tire-kicking and engine hammering and I’ve given it a couple days in addition to gauge my response and really let impressions settle in.

I don’t like firing off hasty reviews based on highly subjective first impressions – these usually have a little residual warmnfuzzy or coldnpointy left over from whether I won or lost my bets and how hotornot the decorations (babes) were.

So after a couple days of letting my losses fade and the babes to let go their clinging to the back of my brain, I’m ready to make an assessment.

The conclusion I’ve come to regarding the Bovada sportsbook is that it is a fully-fledged bona-fided double-A-rated US sportsbook, worthy of any US bettor’s consideration if not adoration. Here’s why I say so:

  • Bovada is continuing the tradition set by its forebears of great customer service. The CS reps that answer the phones and emails are all articulate, friendly, native-english speakers and that makes dealing with them 10X easier than most other offshore books.
  • Bovada’s 20% deposit and reload bonus is in line with a majority of the other offshore sportsbooks.
  • Bovada is carrying the torch for a recently departed very popular and quite reputable sportsbook that had been doing a great business in the US for almost twelve years. The management and software from this older book have stayed on to operate Bovada. Given this team and system, I feel the spirit of the old and trusted sportsbook is still very much present.

I’ll continue to place bets with Bovada as long as the experience stays positive and rewarding for me. Check back here periodically for updates on my Bovada betting experiences, and to lock in any special promotions I may be privy to.

Bovada Sportsbook Arrives!

It’s official as of 6am Wednesday morning, Bovada has officially opened its doors to the US online gambling market.